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          He Bei workers report: dedicated to build " aircraft carrier" for China grain and oil industry

          Release time:2014-12-24

          Dedicated to build the" aircraft carrier" for China grain and oil industry

          ——The national May Day labor diploma unit, HOPEFULL grain and oil group co., LTD 

          By Jing Kai,Lei Jicheng,Zhang Xuemin

            Words: On January 1st 2010, Mr. Hu Jintao, general secretary of CPC central committee entrust his willing to Mr. Shi Kerong, Chairman of HOPEFULL which is to develop the enterprise to be bigger and stronger". To implement this instruction, HOPEFULL adhere to "set up national brand, devote to human health" and see it as the core values of enterprise, take strong courage to bear the national responsibility, and dedicated to build the" aircraft carrier" for China grain and oil industry.

            Located in national high-tech development zone of Jing Dong, Yan Jiao city, HOPEFULL grain and oil group is a comprehensive enterprise carrying on soybean processing, edible oil production and soybean pulp production. Since the establishment in October 1999, HOPEFULL has developed to a key leading enterprise in national agricultural industrialization from scratch and from weak to strong under the guidance of Mr. Shi Kerong, boasted the total assets of 10.7 billion Yuan, 3000 employees, annual soybean processing capacity of 3 million tons, annual soybean oil production capability of 550 thousand tons, the annual soybean pulp production capability of 2.4 million tons of national, formed the whole industry chain including international trade, port storage, ocean transportation, modern food logistics, grain and oil processing, product extension, automatic filling and marketing. In 2011, HOPEFULL grain and oil group obtained the overall revenue of 18.3 billion Yuan paying national tax for 1.31 billion Yuan.

            Within 12 years time, HOPEFULL grain and oil group has ambitiously aachieved many "most" and "first" that impress the peer including China’s largest modern grain logistics, world's largest edible oil filling workshop with the processing capability of 600 thousand tons, most advanced technology, world's lowest consumption of coal, electricity, steam and solvents, world’s biggest single line vegetable oil refining production capacity, first domestic grain and oil enterprises build its foreign port ... In fact, Mr. Shi Kerong is a very cautious leader and always adhere "build national brand, devote to human health", keep in mind the social responsibility of "people-oriented, the livelihood of the people comes first", enhance innovation and development, make HOPEFULL to be the assured brand in the consumers' mind, lead the company to carry on scientific development, and gradually make HOPEFULL to be the “aircraft carrier" in China’s grain and oil industry.

            Sow in Spring and harvest in autumn. Since 2004, HOPEFULL grain and oil group has achieved fruitful achievements and successively entered China top 500 enterprises, China top 500 manufacturing enterprises, China top ten food industry enterprises, has successively obtained almost one hundred national and provincial honors and awards including China's well-known trademarks, Chinese credit enterprise, China AAA credit enterprise, China quality credit enterprise, the national civilized unit, national model of “the home of worker ", advanced enterprise of national double evaluation, the model of enterprise with harmonious labor relations in He Bei province, He Bei May Day diploma and so on. Mr. Shi Kerong, president and secretary of party committee of HOPEFULL Group, also has been awarded the national model worker, the national May 1 labor medal, the Chinese honest good person, China's rural newsmaker, China's outstanding private entrepreneurs and many other awards. Before the Labor’s day holiday, HOPEFULL grain and oil group was awarded the "national May day diploma".

            The grass sprout out of the earth in May, east wind goes with drizzle. Walking along the river of time, let’s go back to the origin, explore how to build the "aircraft carrier" from the “ordinary ship” evolution, to feel the passion and legend story of Mr. Shi Kerong and HOPEFULL, to appreciate their broad mind and talent about "set up national brand, devote to human health ".....

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