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          Report for The 12th Five-year Planning High-Valued Soybean Processing Technology Promotion Meeting

          Release time:2015-12-24

          "Twelfth five-year" national science and technology supporting plan " highly-valued modern soybean food processing technology integration and industrialization " subject meeting will be held in Harbin University of Commerce

          On August 22nd 2013, the research group held a promoting meeting in order to carry on the smooth implementation of the "Twelfth five-year" national science and technology supporting plan " highly-valued modern soybean food processing technology integration and industrialization” subject, standardized its operation and make sure scientific and rational use of the funds in Harbin university of commerce. Nearly 30 directors from 14 units participated in the research attended this meeting. Mr Jiang Lianzhou, professor of agricultural college in Northeast Agricultural University, Dr. Tan Bin from State Grain Administration science institution attended the meeting. The meeting was held by the head of this research team professor Guo Shuntang who come from China agricultural university. The main topics are as follows: research progress report from each unit, policy analysis and explanation from financial experts, free discussion section, and the meeting summary.

          Firstly, professor Guo introduced the background of project judging and project development, emphasized the importance of developing the project to promote soybean industry technology and upgrade production level, meanwhile, he illustrated the arduousness and complexity of the task, and appreciated the strongly support of experts and leaders, especially the chairman of Soybean industry technology innovation alliance, Secretary of the Party committee of Northeast Agricultural University, the leaders of National Soybean Engineering Center. He welcomed everyone, and sincerely grateful for the service of this conference that Harbin University of Commerce had provided. Shi Yanguo of School of food science, Harbin University of Commerce, the conference undertaker had given a passionate welcoming.

          The leader of National Soybean Engineering Research Center said “ It is not only a opportunity but also a challenge for the whole group to get on the first ride to finish the national project. I believe the team will perfectly complete the “required dives” and “optional dives” with everyone’s efforts, and make more big good achievement. Vice director Zhu Fuqing said “ This project is not easy to get and all the departments have overcame many difficulties. As a member of the group, I will complete the task and make a satisfactory result.

          Special invited expert, Jiang Lianzhou said this project has the most participated companies and most difficult task among the projects it belongs to. It is not easy to get the opportunity to take charge of the national project, consequently, each company should be responsible for the research and be sure to get good grades.

          Project directors from 14 units that involved gave reports stating the research content, implementation plan, implementation situation, project progress and the funds usage, respectively. For example, there are reports about " key technology for bean milk (powder) processing and industrialization demonstration research" from China agricultural university, research for improving soybean milk powder rapidlysis and key technology for security control " from Hei Long Jiang province soybean technology development research center, and " key technology and industrialization demonstration for 25 thousand tons of soybean phopholipids production " from HOPEFULL, etc.

          Dr Tan Bin, specially invited experts and Mr. Jiang Lianzhou made a review about the reports. Two experts affirmed each unit can stick to the project and achieve some progress under funds difficulty cases in early period, at the same time, cooperate among enterprises, universities and research institute, and realize the complementary advantages. Several of the reports even emerged industrialization process, which laid a good foundation for the subject implementation. Professor Jiang Lianzhou also resolved the issue of tasks and goal from the perspective of the subjects, namely product (high value soy foods), technology (modern processing key technology), purpose (integration and industrialization). He suggested that each unit should increase the knowledge of the subject, be aware of what exactly the problem is for the high value of soybean food industry, adopt modern technology to solve the key problems and finally realize industrialization. In addition, the problems existing in the subject was also emphasized.

          Professor Guo Shuntang, the head of the subject, thanked the experts for their wonderful reviews. He called for each unit to have good division of labor, strive for a common objective according to the original plan. In addition, Professor Guo Shuntang added some problems found during the reporte: (1) each unit should have a thorough understanding of their subject, not just send articles, patents, product development to show the research results. To bring up the problem from the industry perspective, carry on real science and technology research and solve problems. Not only doing research in the laboratory, but to form a industry.(2) disconnect problem.(3) the reflect of main technical points is inadequate.(4) project off tracking .

          The meeting invited the financial experts to carry on financial policy analysis and explanation. Currently there are clear and strict requirements on the financial issue for the project budget, implementation and process acceptance check. Each unit was more cleared about the specification and requirements of the funds usage after listening to expert .After the meeting, the financial experts answered to some chief problems encountered in the process of funds usage.

          The head of each unit opened a free discussion according to the report and expert advises. Finally, Mr. Zhu Xiuqing recommended that because there is no cross between five sub-topics, the head of each sub-topic can organize efficient communication and coordination among the units that is responsible for one sub-topic, encourage them to play an effective role and give speech based on each sub-topic. The year-end summary report will be held before and after New Year's day, temporarily fix the site in San He HOPEFULL grain and oil group co., LTD.

          Finally, professor Guo Shuntang summarized the meeting stating “ this is a successful meeting with everyone’s attitude of seeking truth from facts. Each unit reported the problems that generated during their work and the achievements obtained and spoke freely. Experts also gave good advices for the shortcomings in the research. After the meeting, the units for each sub-topic should grasp the key point of research in-depth, do not run off track, carry on efficient communication, complete the relevant content according to the requirements, and know fairy well about the assessment index. Financial problems must be paid attention to. All in all, it was a very timely meeting today, many units have done a good job, we hope to have more fruitful results at the next meeting.”

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