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          What is gene and genetically modified food?

          Release time:2015-03-09

          "Ji Yin" is the transliteration of English word "gene", is the overall name for specific nucleotide sequence which contains genetic information in DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecules. It is the DNA segments that have genetic effect, the basic genetic unit to control the biological properties and the code of life recording and transmitting genetic information. All genes are composed of four bases.

          The earth creatures including a wide range of life forms of animals, plants, microorganisms that have different living environment and living habits are controlled by genes. “Reap what you sow” is the generalization of this phenomenon, namely the biological characteristics and the characteristics of species is determined by genes and can be genetic. A gene encode a protein and the protein function determine the characteristics of living organisms.
          Genetically modified (gm) food means the food that is made of genetically modified organisms. According to the sources of the raw materials, it can be divided into the plant source gm food, animal origin gm food and microbial source gm food. For example, soybean oil, tofu and other soy bean products made from genetically modified soybeans, gm papaya, cheese produced using gm microorganisms are all genetically modified foods.

          Literature: “100 questions about the knowledge of agricultural genetically modified organisms”
          the science and technology department of agricultural genetically modified organisms safety management office of China’s Ministry of agriculture

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