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          Free Hotline: 400-010-6555
          Tel: +86 0316-3388000
          +86 010-61596868
          E-mail: admin@hope-full.com.cn
          Fax: +86 010--51879393
          +86 0316-5996801
          Add: NO. 8 Huifu Road, Yanjiao Economic Development Zone, Sanhe, Hebei, China


          Electrical Business Manager

          Release time:2016-08-10

          Electrical Business Manager: 1

          Annual Salary: 100k-150k

          Work Place: Yanjiao,Langfang

          Sex Preference: No Limit

          Age Range: Over 30

          Educational Background: Full-time Undergraduate or Above; Graduated With the Major in Marketing, Food, Grain and Oil, Management and References.

          Candidate Qualifications :

          1.College degree or above, independent CLP business operations for more than 2 years

          2.Familiar with operation of the E-commence channels and the understanding of food and consumer goods in electricity channel marketing model

          3.Have customer management experience, able to set up marketing planning independently, expert in organization and coordination, good analysis ability and market knowledge

          4.Have strong ability of practice, good organization and coordination ability and good language expression skills; passionate and creative; be resourceful

          5.Skillfully in using all kinds of office software.

          Job Descriptions:

          1.Be responsible for brand and ediable oil project management in E-commerce; carry on the research for channel-promotion business model and consumer spending patterns for edible oil and other grain and oil products in E-commerce channels 

          2.Be responsible for specific brand product sales throughout the year, sales promotion, cost and profit targets achievement agreed upon in E-commerce; set up product promotion and sales strategy in combination with E-commerce operations and consumer's consumption patterns 

          3.Promote grain and oil products sales in small packages in E-commerce platform, manage the usage of promotion planning costs; set up promotion strategy, monitor the execution process and price - tracking system; maximum the benefits

          Big Platform Brings Bright Future

          The company has clear training, evaluation and promotion mechanism for the staffs who are unwilling to be ordinary and exciting to achieve upward progress, at the same time, provides the broad developing platform. 

          Phone: 400-010-6555/+86 010-65989788

          Contact Person: Mr. Xie

          E-mail for your CV: jinhuifu8888@163.com

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          Tel: +86 0316-3388000, +86 010-61596868  E-mail: admin@hope-full.com.cn

          Home | About Us | Links | Careers | Sitemap | 中文

          Tel: +86 0316-3388000, +86 010-61596868
          E-mail: admin@hope-full.com.cn

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