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          Free Hotline: 400-010-6555
          Tel: +86 0316-3388000
          +86 010-61596868
          E-mail: admin@hope-full.com.cn
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          Add: NO. 8 Huifu Road, Yanjiao Economic Development Zone, Sanhe, Hebei, China


          Marketing Manager

          Release time:2016-08-10

          Marketing Manager: 1

          Annual Salary: 100k-200k

          Work Place: Yanjiao,Langfang

          Sex Preference: No Limit

          Age Range: Over 30

          Educational Background: Full-time Undergraduate or Above; Graduated With the Major in Marketing, Food, Grain and Oil, Management and References.

          Candidate Qualifications:

          1.More than 3 years experience in grain and oil industry or FMCG industry; more than 2 years working experience in a modern channel; good communication and negotiation skills; strong sense of service; be optimistic and tough 

          2.Unwilling to be mediocre,but willing to be aggressive and ambitious; willing to make a career for yourself, your family and our company

          3.Familiar with marketing, management, psychology and marketing knowledge

          4.Have good communication skills, good team management experience and practice

          5.Have strong ability in organization, judgment, negotiation and resilience; Be quick-witted and efficient

          6.Have strong ability of coordination and data analysis; be able to use sales data to analyze existing problems in market and timely adjust measures

          7.Be familiar with the market tendency, understand the market needs change, and be good at making marketing strategy protocal and price policy; To put forward all sorts of measures according to market competition

          Job Descriptions:

          1.Comprehensive planning, scheduling, marketing management

          2.Develop marketing job specification, code of conduct and rewards

          3.Be responsible for the marketing team and its training, examination and deployment

          4.To formulate and supervise the implementation of marketing plan and budget; supervise the execution of public relations strategy and promotion plan; set up yearly, quarterly, monthly market promotion plan

          5.To guide, inspect and control the implementation of each department work

          6.Set up the cost declaration and approval process


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          Tel: +86 0316-3388000, +86 010-61596868  E-mail: admin@hope-full.com.cn

          Home | About Us | Links | Careers | Sitemap | 中文

          Tel: +86 0316-3388000, +86 010-61596868
          E-mail: admin@hope-full.com.cn

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