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          About Us

          Free Hotline: 400-010-6555
          Tel: +86 0316-3388000
          +86 010-61596868
          E-mail: admin@hope-full.com.cn
          Fax: +86 010--51879393
          +86 0316-5996801
          Add: NO. 8 Huifu Road, Yanjiao Economic Development Zone, Sanhe, Hebei, China


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          Hopefull Grain & Oil Group is an integrated group which has 30 years experience in oil industry and 15 years corporate industrial business development history. Since the establishment in 1999, Hopefull built its grain and oil processing plant in Yanjiao, Hebei province with the concept of national consciousness, world vision and global layout and always commit to build China’s national brand and devote to human health. Hopefull started two other projects in Jiangsu and Liaoning province in 2015. After the completion of these two projects, Hopefull will be ranked in top three companies in oil and grain processing industry with the processing capacity of 9 million tons. At present, the market share of Hopefull has reached to 30% in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province. In the mean time, Hopefull set up international trade companies in America, Argentina, and Hong Kong in response to the “Walk-out” strategy of China’s national agriculture industry strategy and boasts the trade volume of 20 billion RMB. Hopefull built its own port in Sao Francisco do Sul in Brazil and becomes the only one Chinese private-owned grain and oil producing company in Brazil who has its own port. In addition, Hopefull bought 11 oceangoing freighters costing 680 million dollars and is the only one company who has its own fleet among the private-owned grain and oil companies in China. Hopefull built 18 special railway lines to improve the modern grain and oil logistics system. Since 2005, Hopefull has consecutively been ranked as “China’s Top 500 enterprises”, “China’s Top 500 manufacturing Companies”, “China’s Top 10 food industry enterprises” and boasts the total assets of 30 billion RMB paying tax over 10 billion RMB.

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          Tel: +86 0316-3388000, +86 010-61596868  E-mail: admin@hope-full.com.cn

          Home | About Us | Links | Careers | Sitemap | 中文

          Tel: +86 0316-3388000, +86 010-61596868
          E-mail: admin@hope-full.com.cn

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